Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Video: Odyssey Electronical Trailer 2

Check out the newest trailer for Odyssey's Electronical. It's pretty unnecessary to say that everybody in BMX is psyched for it to come out. All the message boards are lit up with talk about this...

Odyssey BMX
Electronical Site

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Video: Ryan "Biz" Jordan Web Video

Glenn Milligan and Ryan Jordan filmed this web edit and it's damn good! It was released a week ago but I am trying to breathe some new life into it because web edits are considered old after a week...wtf? Check out Biz shredding a bunch of street and a little of everything else.

Volume Bikes
Ryan Jordan's Profile on Volume

Video: On the Spot with Nate Moroshan

vital bmx
Nate Moroshan is one busy man. His official job in BMX is Primo’s Product Manager and Team Manager, two things that come with a never-ending to-do list. On top of that, Nate is also a great rider and part of the Volume team. In this video he talks a little bit about his job and what he does, some new products like the Josh Stricker plastic pedals and Dakota Roche foldable tires, and just how unorganized he is. Check it out.

Primo BMX
Volume Bikes
Vital BMX

Video: Chase Dehart - Shadow Conspspiracy Pro

Chase Dehart is the new Shadow Conspiracy Pro. Here is the web video that was posted on their site yesterday that nobody could watch because of server issues.

Congrats to Chase!

The Shadow Conspiracy

Video: Brad Simms and Anthony Napolitan

Dominik at Woozy got so much footy at Simpel Session '08 that he'll we doing web edits for another 2 months. Thanks Dom.

Hoffman Bikes

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Friday, February 8, 2008

Video: Props Megatour Europe

The last Props Megatour was awesome. So it stands to reason that this Props Megatour in Europe will be awesomer, if that is a word... which I believe it is.

But then again I still believe in the tooth fairy because after a drunken night out I had a missing front tooth and money under my pillow in the morning. So what do i know? Huh?
Nevermind... just watch the trailer.


The first ever Props Mega Tour Europe hits the road with over 40 riders and 10 countries including England, France, Spain, The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Austria and more. See some of the most amazing riders tour across Europe. Street, Trails, Park, all packed into 60 minutes plus tons of bonus material.

Hannu Cools, Ben Hennon, Bruno Hoffmann, Arthur Dietrich, Daniel Penafiel, Stefan Lantschner, TM Andy Zeiss

Bicycle Union
James Maynard Rushmore, Fraser Peek, Scott Malyon, Andrew Barney Barton, Jon Robinson, Ross Broughton, Ashley Charles, TM John Dye,

WTP Bicycle CO.
Bjoern Elvering, Max Graetig, Luc Legrand, Tobias Wicke, Farren Downes,TM Rob Harrison

DK Bicycle Co.
Brian Kachinsky, Quinn Semling, Nina Buitrago, Brett Walker, Brian Hunt, TM Catfish

Twenty Bikes
Jerome Gauthier, Alex Dropsy, Nicolas Cambon, JB Petit, Maxime Bonfil, TM Alex Baret

United Bike Co.
Robin Fenlin, Alex Valentino, Nathan Williams, Kye Forte, Ricky Feather, Steve Debusk, TM Deane Hearne,

Fly Bikes' Javier Ortega Ad and Video

Javier Ortega has been shredding Austin lately. Chris Hallman took some pics for the new Fly Bikes print advertisement. His exploits around town and at the Empire ramp have also been caught on video by Tom Arkus of Vinyl BMX and can be seen below. It's funny I ride by this all the time and never thought of that...

You can watch the fullsize video here.
Fly Bikes
Chris Hallman Photography
Vinyl BMX

Will Stroud Interview

There is a cool interview with Will Stroud about Odyssey's Electronical in DigBMX magazine.

Read the Will Stround Interview here.


Video: Crash Compilation 3


Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Video: Matty Long

Matty Long video spotted on TheComeUp.

Video: Standard's Stronger Than All Trailer

standard byke coRussell Wadlin from Standard just finished a new trailer for the Stronger Than All video and it looks fucking awesome. Standard is an all American company and this trailer reflects that patriotism with military shots and killer music. Make sure to watch the whole thing cuz it will get you pumped to go riding.

And be on the lookout for a lot of news from Standard. They have some really cool stuff going on and I think they are really going to regain a presence in the market this year. Fuck Yes!

Oh and there's an awesome review of the video at FYS - Read it here

Standard Byke Co.
Buy Stronger Than All

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